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Boston is the capital city and most populous municipality of the state of Massachusetts in the United States. The city proper covers 48 square miles with an estimated population of 687,584 in 2017, making it also the most populous city in the New England. The city is the economic and cultural anchor of a substantially larger metropolitan area known as Greater Boston, a metropolitan statistical area home to an estimated 4.8 million people in 2016 and ranking as the tenth-largest such area in the country. As a combined statistical area, this wider commuting region is home to some 8.2 million people, making it the sixth-largest in the U.S.

The Boston area’s many colleges and universities make it an international center of higher education, including law, medicine, engineering, and business, and the city is considered to be a world leader in innovation and entrepreneurship, with nearly 2,000 start-ups. Boston’s economic base also includes finance, professional and business services, biotechnology, information technology, and government activities. Households in the city claim the highest rate of philanthropy in the United States. The city has one of the highest costs of living in the United States as it has undergone gentrification, though it remains high on world livability rankings.

Boston’s colleges and universities exert a significant impact on the regional economy with high prominence in the medical fields. Boston attracts more than 350,000 college students from around the world, who contribute more than US$4.8 billion annually to the city’s booming economy. The area’s schools are major employers and attract industries to the city and surrounding region. The city is home to a number of technology companies and is a hub for biotechnology, with the Milken Institute rating Boston as the top life sciences cluster in the country. Boston receives the highest amount of annual funding from the National Institutes of Health of all cities in the United States.

The City is also home to prominent sports franchises. The Red Sox, Bruins, Patriots, and Celtics are all home to the area and drive major amounts of tourist yearly. The city also holds the world famous Boston Marathon yearly drawing in a large crowd. Furthermore, the city boasts collegiate teams such as Harvard, Boston College and Northeastern.

Boston is home to the Boston Convention Center and John B. Hynes Veteran Memorial Convention Center.

Boston Trade Show Display Rentals and Sales

At Booth Design Ideas we understand the needs of companies and organizations to stand out from all others. Branding, the practice of building a lifelong preference amongst consumers to choose and patronize your company, is of crucial importance. At trade shows, exhibits and conventions in Boston, the ability to make an impression that will separate you from your competition is our goal. Booth Design Ideas provides the best physical representation of your brand possible.

In Boston, as in other cities around the United States, we offer a full complement of trade show and convention services. We will work with you to create and design unique trade show and exposition booths, displays, and corporate spaces.

Whether you need us to deliver and set up existing structures, booths or company displays OR you need our help in designing amazing, eye-catching booths from scratch, Booth Design Ideas has the qualified teams of professionals to make your vision a reality.

Trade Shows in Boston

Drool Baby Expo, UBM Americas, The Wine and Food Expo, The International Boston Seafood Show, The Boston Indoor Gardening Expo, and the New England Auto Show, ESA Conference and Expo, Boston Tattoo Convention, Small Business Expo, CannaCon, Comicon, Floral and Food Expo, APSA Meeting and Expo, Abilities Expo, Apex Expo, MarTech, Rowing and Fitness Expo. Boston LGBT Wedding Expo, Relators Conference and Expo, ASHA Convention.

Trade Show Rentals and Other Services at Boston Locations:

  • Lighting
  • Kiosks
  • Video Walls/Centers
  • Custom Exhibits
  • Rental Exhibits
  • Portable Exhibits
  • Shipping
  • Installation and Break-Down
  • Coordination Services
  • Multi-Media Coordination and Management
  • Graphic Design
  • Project Management
  • Fabrication
  • Large Format Printing
  • Warehousing
  • Concierge Services

Contact us to learn more about Boston trade show rentals, sales, and other trade show support services.

8 Reasons to Exhibit in Boston

-The largest city in the New England Area home to roughly 14 million people.

-6th Largest Economy in the U.S. contributing billions annually.

-Major Hub for transportation and shipping industry servicing thousands of ships per day.

-Averaged 1.2 million workers in 2017 with the number rising for the future.

-Within top 3 household median incomes in the country at $75,000.

-Home to companies such as Mass Mutual, Staples and General Electric.

-The region offers 2 Major exhibit halls ideal for conferences and expos.

-The city boasts a large market for biotech and robotic industry’s based around the city.


Booth Designs Top Show Tips For Beginners

Are you looking to attend a show in Las Vegas? Not sure how to start or even begin to understand the design for a 20×20 or 30×30? Well, look no further! Here at Booth Design Ideas, we have compiled seven key ways to help you get started.

Budget Based on Usage

Budget, Budget, Budget we cant say it enough. When it comes to looking into buying or renting and exhibit the first step is always budget. From $10,000 to $60,000 it’s always important to know what you can spend on a particular product. Specifically, if you don’t plan on exhibiting at shows more than once per year. Too many times companies end up buying something that is way above whats needed, or far under expectations. Resulting in many customers being upset and wasting their companies money.


Creation of a timeline is by far the most importantly underrated factor for first-time exhibitors. For many first-timers, 8-6 months out is the ideal time to have your booth or exhibit built. Too many times companies attempt to rush production and result in a lackluster product. However, by following this timeline it allows for potential problems to be fixed and creates a better process for production. Additionally, the overall timeline for the actual show itself is key. For first time exhibitors, allowing extra time for set up is highly recommended. Its often possible that equipment is not there on time or the loading dock is backed up. Thus, allowing that extra couple of hours can go along way. In conclusion, timing will be a key factor in having an extremely successful exhibit.

Show Size 

This next tip might be simple but is something a majority forget when signing up for a show. Many first-time exhibitors believe that the bigger the show the more people and the bigger the ROI. However, this can be misleading and leave your 20×20 overshadowed by an 80×80 with all the bells and whistles. To understand how to be successful, find a show in which you stand out and have a large enough audience for good return. Attempting to go to big or too small can have negative outcomes.


This next tip may sound simple but is something that many people largely overlook. Placement of your booth within a show can either be the death or saving grace for many first time exhibitors. Which in turn is why it’s ideal to understand the sweet spots to place your exhibit at your first show. A great example of one of these “sweet spots” is typically on the corners of a row. That can allow you two entrance points for clients and fantastic walk by traffic. Another great option for placement is at an entrance or exit from the show. However, typically these locations are in high demand and difficult to get. Lastly and not often thought of, our locations near bathrooms or food areas. These areas provide great focus points where people are typically waiting and looking for distractions.


The next tip we at Booth Design Ideas believe is all about staffing for the show on labor and showtime. For many beginners understanding the labor can be very confusing based on location. From set up times to mandatory break times, labor workers can present a complex problem. Which is why we suggest that people do ample research and consulting before choosing a labor force. Additionally, staffing your booth is just as important at a show. From making sure you’re not over-staffed or under-staffed. Along with choosing the right people to present your product. Research done beforehand is key to having a successful show.


The next tip is something that varies with state or geographic location. This being the use of Trade Show Unions at your next show. For many first time exhibitors, it can be very confusing and labor unions have very strict policies on what you can and cannot do. One example is with booth set pre-show. Here many union workers are guaranteed mandatory breaks and times they can work. So understanding when those breaks are is key to maximizing your time and money. Finally, understand the additional loading and unloading rates that may come into factor for your show.

Consumer Experience

For your first show, it is important not to only be creative but to also create an active experience. Many exhibitors forget to look at the show from the consumers perspective and create a booth based on what they think is important. However, to really keep to the client interested to your product you have to create a consumer experience.  This can be done in a number of ways, from giveaways to interactive games and applications. Typically, the more creative the better chance they will remember you!


Major Conventions and Expo Locations

Boston Convention Center 

The Boston Convention Center is the premier location for tradeshows and conferences. Known for being the most technologically advanced convention center in the world and offers 516,000 square feet. The center also offers 82 meeting rooms for client meetings and a 40,000 square foot ballroom. Additionally, the facility offers state of the art digital displays and the most network bandwidth of any convention center. Finally, the center is located within an 8-minute drive of Logan Internation Airport.

Hynes Convention Center 

The Hynes Convention Center is another ideal location for your next show. With 176,400 square feet of exhibit space and 28 meeting rooms, this location is great for smaller shows. The space also includes a 4,000 seat auditorium for large presentations and 25,000 square foot ballroom. The location also offers a connection to 3,100 hotel rooms and two shopping destinations.

We do understand that not everyone is looking to exhibit with a large venue. Many clients have exhibits tailored to specific events and location that are not based on the average setup. So, we at Booth Design ideas have pulled some additional options from some local options. Check out these options here and let us know what you think.


Contact us today to review your needs for trade show display purchase or trade show exhibit rentals for your next trade show in Boston, MA. Come check us out!

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