See real image ideas for 20×20 trade show booths

If your looking for an affordable booth at the right price then check out our 20×20 products. As a large booth, this option offers a ton of customization. From a wide variety of colors, designs, layouts, features and more, our options are sure to impress. Additionally, we offer cost-effective and lightweight materials for the build. Enabling your booth to fit your budget and be a hassle-free setup. So come check out our options for our larger 20×20 exhibit!

20×20 Trade Show Display Booths and Ideas

Our line of 20×20 trade show exhibits are the ideal solution for your next conference. Our company partner specializes in trade show booth designs of all sizes- using a framing system that leaves your booth flexible, light, and interchangeable. Take a look at the huge selection above of unique 20×20 trade show exhibits. Our solutions prove to be more cost effective, by using light-weight materials to decrease shipping costs while also having full flexibility of design with fabric and vinyl materials.

We make sure to fully utilize your 20×20 trade show booth layout by incorporating the most modern of trade show display materials and accessories. Use the above 20×20 trade show booth images as layout ideas, or product choices. Our team of specialists can combine any component you see on our website to make it fit your 20×20 conference floor space. Just use the quote button to send us information on what it is you are looking for.

We also have 20×20 pop up trade show displays available for purchase. Contact one of our sales representatives about our portable display options by using a contact for on any booth product page.

Don’t let your 20×20 space get lost in a sea of enormous trade show exhibits and displays. Our partner, Metro Exhibits has a long history of creating trade show exhibits that fully optimize the limited space given to you. Creating a unique booth with eye-catching designs and materials can attract trade show traffic that will outpace your competitors.

Our booth design team will work with you and any 20×20 trade show booth idea that you have to create a custom brand experience that you can be proud of. In the end, it’s all about making you and your company look good. Create a lasting impression at your next trade show. Contact us today to get a free pricing on any of the 20×20 displays that you see above.

Frequently Asked Questions About 20×20 Trade Show Booths

Can I purchase 20×20 trade show booths on the website?
These trade show booths are highly customizable. Because of this, making these available to purchase directly on the website is nearly impossible. We want to make your company a trade show display that is tailored to your brand’s unique identity. Contact us by using the contact form on the page of the exhibit you are interested in. We can give you a general pricing of the booth you are interested in, as well as give you design options if you would like to incorporate components of other trade show exhibits you have seen.
Do you also provide trade show services?
Yes! We strategically partnered with Metro Exhibits, a full service trade show provider. From the entire trade show process, Metro Exhibits helps you do it all. From design, to build, to ship, to installation, and dismantle. Metro Exhibits will even ship your booth to any location you desire after the show. Also, Metro Exhibits has the ability to store your trade show display and any trade show materials, such as promotional items, at any of their locations. Should you need your booth or accessories at any time, simply sign in to their portal and order your items to be shipped. It’s that easy. For companies that participate a lot in conferences, trade shows, expos, and events… Metro Exhibits is the perfect partner for all your event needs.
Are trade show booth rentals available?
Yes! Virtually every trade show exhibit you see on this page can be rented. It all depends on the availability for your trade show date. However, even if this specific design is not available, a Metro Exhibit representative will work with you in finding a design that matches the exact one you see here. Because of the building materials used, the flexibility of these trade show booths gives your company an advantage on design and price. Use the “Get a free pricing” button on any of these booth pages to speak with someone from Metro Exhibits on the availability of any design here.
Can I customize any of these trade show booths?
Yes. Use these designs as almost starting place for your design inspiration. Every one of our booths have the ability for full customization. All graphics seen here can can be fully customized to your brand’s image. If you see a custom booth design idea on our website that you would like to incorporate, save all the ideas to your idea list. Then when you’re ready, you can get free pricing on your entire idea list. It’s that easy. Customization of your expo display has never been more convenient.
What types of materials do you use in your trade show booths?
We start by suggesting the best materials for the project you need to achieve. If you are looking to be the best designed booth, we’ll suggest high quality fabric printing and graphic materials. For a beautiful yet cost-effective solution, we use Sintra for our back wall frame graphics. We have full flexibility on design- so depending on the look you are going for, whether it be wood to metal, we have the design solutions to meet your design specifications.
Where do you make your trade show displays?
Larger, custom design pieces such as the ones you see above are created in NJ or Las Vegas. Metro Exhibits have locations near Orlando, New York City, and Las Vegas- with the capability to store your trade show booths nationwide and save your company money by lowering shipping costs. Depending on where your trade show is and where you will need the exhibit to be next, we determine to lowest cost solution to get your trade show booth where it needs to be.
Where can I find more trade show booth design products and ideas?
You’re at the right place (hence our name). gives you the ability to get inspired on the best trade show booth ideas across the nation! Start on our home page and use the search bar to begin your search. For specific products, use our product page for purchasing options and ideas. On trade show, conference, expo, or any event idea that you find on our website, our trusted partner Metro Exhibits will always be available to give you convenient pricing options. If you be interested in the design of certain booth options, feel free to contact them by clicking the “get free pricing on this booth” button on any image page.