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Are you exhibiting at a trade show in Atlanta?  Do you need assistance creating a spectacular, one-of-a-kind trade show display?  Booth Design Ideas can help!  We are a full-service trade show booth provider offering custom purchase trade show displays, rental trade show displays and much more. We strive to satisfy all of your exhibiting needs in Atlanta, Georgia.

In 1837, the city of Atlanta, Georgia was established as a major transportation hub at the intersection of the Western & Atlantic railroads. During the American Civil War, the city was nearly burned to the ground. However, Atlanta emerged from the destruction to become the unofficial capital of the “New South”.  To this day, Atlanta boasts a deep and rich culture and history that attracts tourists and new residents alike.

The city is also home to 5.7 million people, making it the 9th largest metropolitan area in the United States. In fact, the Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport is the busiest airport in the world, maintaining the city’s status as a major transportation hub.

In addition to being a major transportation and cultural pillar in the United States, Atlanta’s economy boasts some of the largest corporations in America.  The city is home to the third-largest concentration of Fortune 5oo companies in the United States.  Companies such as The Coca-Cola Company, AT&T, The Home Depot and Delta Airlines all have their headquarters located in Atlanta, Georgia.  Because of this, in 2013 the city was named to Forbes list of “Best Places for Businesses & Careers”.

While attending your event in Atlanta, the city has many attractions that are considered a “must” during your visit.  Some of these prominent attractions in Atlanta, GA include the Georgia Aquarium, the World of Coca-Cola, Atlanta Botanical Gardens, the Center for Civil & Human Rights, Zoo Atlanta, the Fox Theatre, and more!

Some of the major sports teams that call the city home are the Atlanta Braves of the MLB, the Atlanta Falcons of the NFL, and, eventually, the Atlanta Hawks of the NBA.  College football is also extremely popular in the city.  Sporting events are always a great and exhilarating option when looking for something to do during your stay in Atlanta.

Atlanta is also home to several different convention centers that host major trade shows, conventions, and expos including the Georgia World Congress Center, Georgia International Convention Center, and more.

Atlanta Trade Shows, Conferences, and Expos

FABTECH, The International Production and Processing Expo, Modex, and the Atlanta Home & Furnishing Market are just a few of the many major events that are hosted in Atlanta, GA.

Atlanta Trade Show Display Rentals and Sales

At Booth Design Ideas, we understand that standing out and creating a lasting memory is crucial to your exhibiting experience.  Building that lifetime relationship with consumers and creating branding that will keep them coming back is also extremely crucial.  Our goal is to help you make a lasting impression during trade show exhibits or conventions that will separate you from the competition.  We will work hard to represent your brand and exceed your expectations in the best way possible.

In Atlanta, as well as in other cities around the United States, we offer a full assortment of trade show, convention, & exposition services. We have extensive experience in all aspects of the trade show business and have worked with a multitude of companies from various different industries.  At Booth Design Ideas, we will work with you to create and design unique trade show and exposition booths, displays, exhibits, and corporate spaces.

Whether you need help designing spectacular exhibits and booths from scratch, or you just need help delivering and installing any existing structures or booths that you may have, Booth Design Ideas has the qualified teams of professionals to bring all of your visions to life.

Booth Design Idea’s Tips For Beginners

Is this your first time exhibiting at a trade show in Atlanta? Not sure where to even start? We can help! We’ve put together this list of some key areas to focus on when planning for your event in Atlanta:


Make sure you have a defined budget to meet your needs.  If this is the first and only show you plan on attending this year, consider the more affordable option of renting your display.  If you plan on exhibiting at many shows, then purchasing a full booth or display may be the best option.  It’s important to weigh these options and decide what is best for your company.


Having a timeline for your event is important for anyone planning to exhibit at a trade show, but it is extremely crucial for first-timers.  Usually, 6-8 months out from your event date is the ideal time to start planning your first move on getting your booth or display built.  Waiting until the last minute is not ideal, especially since this is your first show.  More time will allow for a more complete and thorough end product.  In addition to your pre-show timeline, it’s also important to allow additional time for any complications that may be introduced during set up.

Show Size

Many first time exhibitors believe that the bigger the show the better.  While this may be true in some cases, it isn’t always.  It’s important to do the proper research on any show that you are thinking about attending and make sure that you will stand out from competing booths and displays.  For example, if you know that a top competitor has an 80 x 80 booth locked down, your plans for a 30 x 30 might pale in comparison to such a large display.


Proper location of your booth is often overlooked but could be the most critical aspect whether your booth is a success or a flop.  Going back to our tip about timelines, starting the process early can also ensure that you have first-pick at where you would like your booth to be located.  We call these highly desired areas “sweet spots.”  An example of a “sweet spot” is typically on the corners of a row. This location offers two entrance points for clients and extraordinary walk-by traffic.  Other “sweet spots” include the entrance to the trade show itself, which offers a point of high traffic and passersby.  The type of booth space that you book at your show is also something to take into consideration.  Peninsula, Island, and Inline booths are some of the different types of spots that you can reserve at a trade show.  Peninsula booths sit at the end of a row of inline booths, making them more ideal due to the fact that this is usually where consumers first look before heading down the next aisle of displays.  Although placement is important, its how you use your space to display your brand that really matters.

Overall Experience

When exhibiting at your first show, it is important to not only be innovative and creative but to also create a one-of-a-kind experience that will make a lasting impression.  Look at your booth or display from the consumer’s point of view, and imagine what they would want to see from your company.  Too many times companies fail to do this and forget the consumer in the process.

By keeping all of these tips in mind, your first trade show experience in Atlanta, Georgia will surely be successful and one to remember!

 Atlanta Trade Show Rentals and Other Services:

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  • Kiosks
  • Video Walls/Centers
  • Custom Exhibits
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  • Shipping
  • Installation and Break-Down
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  • Concierge Services

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Atlanta’s Convention and Expo Centers

Atlanta, GA is home to two major conference and expo centers that are fully capable of meeting any need for exhibitors and businesses: The Georgia World Congress Center and the Georgia International Convention Center.

The Georgia World Congress Center

georgia world congress center trade show
Georgia World Congress Center

The Georgia World Congress Center is a major convention center sitting in the heart of downtown Atlanta, GA. Opened in 1976, it became the first state-owned convention center in the United States.  It’s the 3rd largest convention center in the US, offering 3.9 million square feet of exhibition space. Also, the GWCC hosts more than one million visitors every year.

The GWCC encompasses three separate buildings housing a total of 12 exhibit halls, 105 meeting rooms, and 2 grand ballrooms. Because of this, the GWCC complex includes multiple pedestrian walk bridges that connect these buildings for easy access and mobility.

In 1996, the venue had the pleasure of hosting a few events for the Summer Olympics.  These events included fencing, weightlifting, table tennis, judo, and more.  Also nearby lies the Georgia Dome and Centennial Olympic Park.  Combined with the GWCC, these three facilities come together to create one of the most outstanding convention, sports, and entertainment complexes in the world.

As you can see, the Georgia World Congress Center boasts the capability of hosting a multitude of events in addition to the traditional trade shows and expositions that it is made famous for.

Some of the major events that the GWCC holds include shows and expos such as Food and Nutrition Conference and Expo, ASIS International, American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology Conference, FABTECH, the SEC Football Fanfare and many more.

The Georgia International Convention Center

Georgia International Convention Center trade show
Georgia International Convention Center

The Georgia International Convention Center is the second largest convention center in Georgia.  Also, it is the only convention center in the world that is directly connected to a major international airport. Travel between the GICC and the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport in a matter of just a few minutes via the ATL SkyTrain.  The venue is also surrounded by nearly two dozen hotels, making accommodations plentiful while visiting the GICC.

Located in College Park, the GICC is accessible via multiple methods of public transportation. It offers 400,000 sq.ft. of total space, a 40,000 sq.ft. ballroom, six 2,000 sq.ft. meeting rooms, three executive board rooms, and 2,000 parking spaces.

Some of the major trade shows, conventions, and expos hosted in the Georgia International Convention Center include the Georgia Bio Innovation Summit, ABKC National Show, Atlanta Wood Solutions Fair, the JAINA Convention and the Annual GaETC Conference.

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We want you to have the best tradeshow experience possible, from beginning to end.  We understand how important it is to stand out from competition in your industry.  What better way to do that than with a one-of-a-kind trade show booth! We are available to answer any questions you may have about your exhibit needs in Atlanta, Georgia. Contact us today!

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