About Our Website

Booth Design Ideas was created by Metro Exhibits to help company’s find ideas for their next trade show booth. Created in 2016, our website has images from trade show booths across the country in all different industries and venues. Searching for your next trade show boot design idea is as easy as using our advanced filtering system to find the design you’re looking for. If you would like to find pre-made product templates- use our products section to find designs that are simple to price out. All of our products are provided by Metro Exhibits- and getting pricing on any of their designs is as easy as clicking the “get pricing on this booth” option on any product page. The same goes for any trade show booth idea page in our ideas section.

How it Works

Use our “image” section to find inspirational images that can get you started in designing your booth. If you would like to look at completed design packages- use our booth products section to find a look that you can adopt right away. Once you’ve found the booth you like the most, you can get pricing right away by clicking the “Get Pricing on this Booth” button. Metro Exhibits will evaluate your request and get back to you usually within the hour, monday – friday and offer you options for designing and building your trade show exhibit.

For more information, go to https://metroexhibits.com